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October 16, 2006: Press release

October 17, 2006: Video Presentation of the Book, by Rob Flickenger.

The project

Access to sufficient Internet bandwidth enables worldwide electronic collaboration, access to informational resources, rapid and effective communication, and grants membership to a global community. Therefore, bandwidth is probably the single most critical resource at the disposal of a modern organisation.

The goal of this book is to provide practical information on how to gain the largest possible benefit from your connection to the Internet. By applying the monitoring and optimisation techniques discussed here, the effectiveness of your network can be significantly improved.

We hope that you find these materials and this website useful. Please feel free to contribute your own experiences on the wiki, and help make the next edition even better.

You can download the book in PDF form as a single file (2.6 MB), or in chapters.

The printed book

You can order a printed and bound copy of the book from, a print-on-demand service. The PDF will be updated periodically, and ordering from the print-on-demand service ensures that you will always receive the latest revision.